Is truck rental the right choice for you?

The decision whether to buy a truck or lease from a hire company, is a question that many businesses struggle to decide upon.

Now whilst many businesses do choose to purchase a vehicle for their fleet viewing this as a one off payment , many businesses will prefer not to tie up the company funds.

 Its not an easy decision but all organisations face the unpredictability of business and it is worth considering the ongoing costs such as maintenance, road side assistance and the effect of seasonal quiet periods.

 There certainly are many benefits as to why a business may steer towards renting a truck rather than an outright purchase:

 Contract hire can give businesses a fixed monthly cost that makes budgeting easier and will also help free up vital capital. You don’t have to pay out large amounts of money upfront helping you manage the company cash flow and also means that your capital won’t be tied up in assets.

Choosing contract hire will also mean you don’t have to worry so much about fleet management as the hire company will deal with this and will help reduce the amount of work you have to do, giving you more time to manage your business. Your truck/trailer will constantly have maintenance checks and will be kept at the very highest of standards ensuring its fit for the road and reduce the risk of breakdowns. And replacement vehicle coverage and road assistance will ensure even if your vehicle does break down you can be offered a replacement vehicle to ensure that you remain on the road.

 Many companies miss out on new business because they do not have the capacity to take advantage of an increase in demand. Businesses would benefit by using a rental company leaving the option to create a rental plan that is fitted specifically to your business. You have the ability to take advantage of seasonal demand without it leading to a fleet of unused trucks.  By talking to a team of people that are happy to create a plan tailored to your needs you will have the ability to meet the demands of your customers. So talk to AT&T Rentals today for advice on why truck or trailer rental may be the right choice for you!





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