Trailer Hire in Northern Ireland

At AT&T Rentals, we have an extensive range of trailers to hire in Northern Ireland. For over 30 years, we have led the way in the truck and trailer hire market across the country. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of trailers available for hire. These are expertly maintained. 

As well as this, we are proud of our trailer hire options. This is because they are modern, serviced and broad. Therefore, we are able to meet even the most demanding requirements of trailer hire in Northern Ireland. 

What are the benefits of trailer hire in Northern Ireland?

Trailer hire in Northern Ireland is much more beneficial than purchasing a trailer yourself. This is due to many reasons. Above all, when you choose to hire a trailer, you will save money. When purchasing a trailer yourself, there is a range of responsibilities you must attend to.

Trailer maintenance

Firstly, you are responsible for the maintenance of your trailer. The maintenance of your trailer in Northern Ireland will include a range of things, such as tyre pressure, wastewater and filters, and battery charge. 

Trailer repairs

As well as this, you are also responsible for the repair of your trailer if any damage occurs. This can be extremely expensive, and in extreme circumstances, it can be difficult to locate a mechanic who operates large trailer repairs. Therefore, trailer hire in Northern Ireland is much more beneficial as you do not have to consider repairs.

Instead, our team at AT&T Rentals have developed strong relationships with our service providers. This means that we operate our trailers under the best possible conditions. Leave the stress to us! 

Trailer storage in Northern Ireland

Finally, the trailers are large. Therefore, when you own a trailer you must have a place to store it. Locating storage for trailers can be extremely difficult. In addition to this, if you do not have space yourself, you will have to pay for storage. Instead, when you hire trailers with AT&T Rentals, you only pay for the use of the trailer. The other issues including storage, maintenance and repair of the trailer are not your concern. Again, we take the stress onto our own shoulders. 

Choose the perfect trailer hire in Northern Ireland

Refrigerated trailer hire

Our refrigerated trailers include a refrigeration unit. This allows you to control the temperature of your trailer in accordance with the goods you are transporting. For example, perishable goods are transported using a refrigerated trailer. 

Tipping trailer hire in Northern Ireland

Tipping trailer hire is extremely common in Northern Ireland. Tipper trailers allow you to ‘tip’. The trailers deposit material in the desired location. These trailers are used in construction as they lift and transport loose materials such as gravel and sand easily. Choosing tipping trailer hire is extremely cost-effective. This is because you reduce workforce expenses. Materials are transported in one unit, without the need for several workers.

Flat trailer hire

Flat trailers are hired to transport large loads. They are open-deck vehicles, therefore they are extremely flexible and can transport a wide variety of goods and materials. At AT&T Rentals, we offer an extensive range of flat trailers which are available to hire. Our trailers have detachable headboards and extendable options.  As well as this, we also have low-loader trailers available, which have a drop in deck height. 

Curtainsider trailers

A curtainsider trailer contains a solid roof, and it includes a retractable curtain along both sides of the trailer. With a range of heights available, our curtainsider trailers are suitable for a variety of needs. 

Boxvan trailers

Box van trailers are available to hire in Northern Ireland. This is the most generic trailer model available. They are designed with solid sides and do not include a refrigerated unit. Our range of box van trailers for hire has a range of options. For example, at AT&T Rentals we can provide box vans with interior lighting, or which have flip-up cycle guards. 

Choose AT&T Rentals for your trailer hire in Northern Ireland

At AT&T Rentals in Newtownabbey, we have a wide range of trailers available for hire across Northern Ireland. We offer various rental and leasing options, from short-term to long-term. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options for trailer hire.


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